RE:FLEX is a Personal Training gym located in the heart of Ripley Village in Surrey. Whilst specialising in 1-2-1 Personal Training, we also offer Home Training and Group Classes which you can find out more about on our Services page. Opening a Personal Training gym has been a dream of Reece's for a long time, having worked in the sports & fitness industry for many years and in both the UK and Australia. Reece decided to start his own gym venture with the concept that RE:FLEX is not just a gym, but a lifestyle too, as we work towards long-term goals to be moulded into your daily routine, rather than just a quick-fix solution.

No matter what your goal is, from losing weight to gaining muscle, RE:FLEX can help. With years of experience in 1-2-1 gyms and high-end health clubs, we gained the knowledge and expertise in dealing with all clients, undertaking a variety of training methods to achieve the best results. We have a wide range of equipment with both indoor and outdoor areas to ensure no two workouts are the same, making all sessions remain as enjoyable as the first one. Get in touch today with any questions and to join the RE:FLEX family!

Reece Edwards, Personal Trainer